Avionary: Exploring Bird Names Across 51 Languages

Birdwatching transcends language barriers, uniting enthusiasts worldwide in their admiration for avian diversity. Avionary, an online resource, celebrates this universal passion by cataloging nearly 2400 bird species in 51 languages, from Latin to Welsh. Whether you’re a seasoned birder or a curious linguist, Avionary offers a fascinating journey through the multilingual tapestry of ornithology.

Navigating Avionary

Avionary’s user-friendly interface simplifies exploration. With a few keystrokes, users can search for bird names or partial terms in any supported language, from Afrikaans to Ukrainian. The site dynamically generates a list of species matching the input, allowing for easy selection. Additionally, Avionary provides comprehensive information, including scientific names, geographic distribution, taxonomic details, and multimedia resources like images and sounds.

Language and Diversity

Avionary’s expansive language coverage reflects the global appeal of birdwatching. From European languages like French and German to lesser-known tongues such as Breton and Manx, the platform fosters inclusivity and cultural exchange. Each language offers unique insights into bird names, enriching the experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

Taxonomy and Classification

Beyond linguistic diversity, Avionary delves into avian taxonomy. Species are organized into families, facilitating exploration based on evolutionary relationships. Users can explore not only individual species but also entire taxonomic groups, gaining a deeper understanding of avian classification.

Synonyms and Confusions

Avionary addresses linguistic nuances by providing synonyms and clarifying confusing names. Synonyms in English and other languages offer insights into regional variations in bird nomenclature. Additionally, the platform highlights cases where the same or similar names refer to different species, minimizing confusion among users.

Educational Resources

Avionary isn’t just a repository of bird names—it’s also an educational resource. Users can access Wikipedia articles about selected species in multiple languages, fostering learning and cross-cultural understanding. Whether you’re interested in the ecological significance of a species or its cultural significance in different regions, Avionary provides valuable insights.


Avionary transcends linguistic and cultural boundaries, uniting bird enthusiasts worldwide. By cataloging bird names in 51 languages and offering comprehensive information on taxonomy, distribution, and more, the platform enriches the birdwatching experience for novices and experts alike. Whether you’re exploring the common sparrow or the elusive Andean condor, Avionary invites you on a multilingual journey through the captivating world of birds.

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